It’s been a while since I’ve been here.  I have been so busy for the last couple of weeks. Everyone decided to go on holiday at once! Not complaining but wow! I’ve been leaving home at 5:30am to do my morning home visits and to be back by 7:30 in time for my doggy day care dogs to arrive. Evening visits start when my last day care doggy goes home around 6:30pm. If I’m lucky we get to have tea around 9:30pm.  In fact one night we climbed into bed at 12:45am!

I currently have 2 lovely greyhounds staying with me. They are ex racing dogs. Rupert is 13 and doesn’t really do walking and is very happy just pottering in the garden. Babe has longer walks but is still a bit frail and doesn’t go out with my usual gang!

One of my home visits has been to a hedgehog rescue while the owners had a much needed break.  There were 15 hogs to look after and 4 cats.  These hogs were all at various stages, some hibernating and some thinking about it and the others with no such ideas! One evening when I arrived I found a poorly hedgehog in a box on the doorstep. I took it in and treated it for fleas and prepared a glucose feed for it before wrapping him/her in a fleece and putting him/her in a warm cage. I couldn’t get him to eat but kept my fingers crossed for him. Sadly when I went in the following morning he was dead.

That same night another one was delivered and again I defleaed and prepared the glucose but again it wouldn’t eat. I wrapped him in a warm fleece and put him into a warm cage.   Surprisingly the next morning he was still alive so I put fresh food and water in for him. However he didn’t survive the day! They are tricky little things and apparently it is worms that can kill them if not treated but I wasn’t able to give that treatment.  So sad as they are lovely little creatures albeit prickly.  I was prickled on the palms of my hands and ended up with a urticaria reaction.

Earlier this month saw us saying goodbye and having a last walk with Hector, Anatolian Shepherd. He returns to his home in Portugal, he is much missed.

Early in the summer I bought a portable shower for my dogs and today saw me using it. We had a great long walk today but some of my canine companions got rather muddy and one seemed to find cowpat perfume particularly delightful!  He also got covered in burrs. The shower was great, I was able to wash them off before they got back into the van.

On a more personal note my partner and I with friends enjoyed an evening of murder and mystery on the North Norfolk Railway.  It was 1950’s themed and I enjoyed dressing up, I have never worn fancy dress before and loved it!