It’s been another busy few days. Last week I took Molly to her favourite place, the vet! She has a bit of an ear infection and was given some drops to help. She’s not a fan of drops it seems but we manage!  Also last week Molly cut her foot which left her with a flap of skin on her pad. We kept it strapped up over the weekend but today we visited the vet again!  I thought this might be challenging as Molly is very strong. She doesn’t have an aggressive bone in her body but doesn’t need it. She just uses her body weight to push away anyone or thing she doesn’t like.  Today she allowed the vet to clean her foot, snip off the flap and bandage it all up with no trouble at all! Mind you I was sent out of the room lol!

So our days now comprise of of lead walks and NO ball games much to the consternation of Fin who is ball obsessed.

We have a sweet little girl staying with us called Tess, she is with us unti Saturday when her mum and dad come home from their holiday.  She sleeps in our bedroom much to Milo’s dismay.

I am currently visiting 2 little house cats who are very shy.  I have been visiting for 4 or 5 days and today they didn’t hiss at me!  Small steps……

My weekend was a mixture.  A headlight on my van had gone so I tried to take it Desira to be replaced.  Apparently they have a drop in service but couldn’t do it on Saturday. I arranged to take it back today at 2 only to be told when I got there that they don’t do appointments. Grrrr…….  I showed my frustration and they somehow found someone to sort it. They then told me that there is a safety recall on my van which will take an hour to sort! That is waiting til October.

On Saturday afternoon I attended an informative and interesting law seminar in South Walsham.   This was provided by dogs

Sunday saw me catching up on some paperwork, my favourite job! I followed this by an afternoon of attempting to apply nail varnish to my finger nails, I’m not very good at this titivating.