It’s been a mixed bag this last week and I’m not sure if I should share it with you but I guess I will!

I have had little Libby staying all week with her poorly foot. She has been amazing but frustrated at not being able to join in on our walks or games. My arms are huge now from carrying her around all week!

Earlier this week gorgeous Joggins went home after a quiet and very hot day here. She had had a good mad dashing walk with Hector and the others during the morning.  Her dad discovered a puncture wound which resulted in an operation.  She will not be with us for a week or so but is recovering well.

Doogle went off on his holibobs with his dad and woke his parents up in the middle of the night with haemorrhagic gastric enteritis poor little boy.  Fortunately not infectious but very nasty. He is recovering well now.

Tally came for the day on Friday and Molly loved her!  They played so well together.  We went to the beach for the first time since Easter and it was fantastic!  I’ve missed the beach but we keep away until the weather cools and the people aren’t there!  I don’t like people…….

I am at the start now of a very busy period with lots of house visits, boarders, walks etc. My next day off is Saturday 5 November! I will be sleeping in then if Molly and Milo will allow it!

Most of my parents don’t have children and tend to take their holidays outside of school holidays which means that I have fairly consistent business.

Libby went home today and very excited to see her Daddy! Unfortunately she will need to be sedated again in a week or two for a further X-ray.

Lollie came to stay today for one night for a trial. So far so good! Take a look at my Facebook page and you will find a couple of videos of her first ever encounter with a cat when she met Caspar. She has since met Sinbad and I can safely say it went well.

Keep an eye out for my next installment…..