It’s been a busy and eventful few days!

Libby is staying with us, she’s a little tiny terrier and as such is easily missed by the bigger dogs. Anyway we were playing in the front garden and I turned my back without engaging the eyes in the back of my head.  There was a Yelp and when I turned around Libby was holding her right back leg off the ground.  I brought her in and decided to see how she was overnight. She had lots of special cuddles and she was still sore when we went to bed. It was off to the vet the next morning and 2 X-rays, general anaesthetic and £400 later Libby came home with a broken bone in one of her toes.  She has a big bandage on and is on restricted movement.

Over the weekend we met a new doggy called Tally who is coming to stay for the day later this week.

I spent the day emptying my trailer, in which I keep my ‘stuff’ with a view to disposing of much of the contents. All I did was put all back in!

I took Molly and Milo for a very little walk at Upton before cat visiting. This was when I discovered that both Molly and now Milo are scared of wheelbarrows!  We met a man wheeling his fishing gear through the gate and back down to the car park.  Molly became very vocal to start with and then turned round and started back to the car park. She finally plucked up enough courage to run to me giving the bloke a huge wide berth. Then Milo who was as usual trailing behind turned tail and legged it back up the footpath followed at a fast pace by the wheelbarrow! He was proper scared but just as I began to follow them back he turned round and ran down the bank towards me.

Today was uneventful apart from the traffic lights near the Hermitage which caused me to drive back from Martham via Wroxham.

Walked Hector at Upton and Pippa, Joggins and Fin found the smelliest and muddiest gunge to leap into.

Thats all for now……

PS I made an awesome chicken and vegetable soup…….