Today I walked my doglets at Buckenham Cross around 2 miles. My doglets were Milo, Molly, Pippa, Joggins, Libby and Doogle.  This is a lovely walk alongside fields and along country lanes.

We have made the decision to put Milo onto a raw diet, Molly already is.  This morning I ordered a months supply for them both.

At home we played ball in the front garden which is a real treat as normally they are restricted to the back garden.

This afternoon I took Molly to the vet for a check up and to register her with the vet. She is a huge bundle of jumping beans! She was quite vocal when we met Lester, a 3 legged doggie, in the waiting room. We weren’t kept waiting long.  After a thorough inspection by Molly of the vet and vice versa we went through to the scales. This was fun! However we achieved the impossible! She sat on the scales without me holding her lead, long enough to get a reading. She weighs 31.6kg. It was decided to put Molly on a diet.  I have had to try to work out 2% of Molly’s target weight, I just don’t do sums! Then I remembered the Internet and it did it for me he he!

Tonight Lance and I went over to the White Horse, Upton to meet other pet care professionals for a networking evening.  It was great and a wonderful way to bounce ideas off each other.  I’m looking forward to the next one already.