So a little up date on progress here with Molly. She is settling in well although she doesn’t want to share her humans with any other dogs which makes for interesting times!

Otherwise she is settling very well although for Molly there is no difference between her coming here for her holibobs and staying here forever.  She is currently sprawled across the sofa with her head on Lance’ lap.

On Sunday I left her in the capable paws of Milo while I trekked all the way to Aylmerton. Big adventure for me, I stay within a 5 mile radius of Acle he he!

At Aylmerton I took part in a dog and cat first aid training course provided by  It was amazing training and I really do feel better equipped to deal with an emergency.  It’s amazing what you can do with a sanitary towel and a triangular bandage!

Libby arrived to stay with us when I arrived home, she belongs to Nigel and has been coming to stay with me since 2007. Libby is a little Norfolk Terrier.

Monday and Tuesday have been busy days, dog walking, day care, cat visiting, dog visiting and meeting new customers.

This afternoon I left Lance in charge while I attended an appointment. It seems they had a great time helping him to fix the landrover! There were no left over bits so perhaps we should make it a regular thing.  Pippa in particular was very helpful in not letting Lance feel lonely or unloved when he was laying on the floor on his back.

Looking forward to an evening at the White Horse, Upton with other like minded people.  Will tell you all about that another time.

Tomorrow Molly and I are visiting the vet, should be fun, I’ll let you know……..