It has been a busy few days here at Coastal Villages Pet Care!  Maisie has been staying with us and went home on Friday evening and I have been visiting a little cat called Hattie who lives in Acle.

That coupled with my day care dogs has made for a hectic life.

On Wednesday after picking Paddy up in Martham we stopped in Thurne for our morning walk.  Although it was a pretty place to walk some of my dogs came home with oily coats and Pippa drank too much water  which upset her little tummy. I’m sorry to say we won’t be visiting Thurne again.

Thursday was a fun day! We walked Hector at Upton in the morning and then went on a play date over in Freethorpe.  We had little Charlie with us for the day amongst others, he has a history of being pretty nervous and anxious.  Today he had a great time running with the others and doing some actual doggy playing.

Friday was a very special day because after all our walking and another play date we had a very special arrival.

Milo has a fur sister! Molly arrived to stay with us forever! Molly  is a young (4 years 5 months) Weimaraner.  We have known Molly since she was about 4 months old so when we became aware that she needed a new home we didn’t think twice about offering ourselves as her future parents.  It was obviously an emotional time for all the humans involved but for Molly she was as excited as an excited thing!  She has, as she always does, settled in well and is brilliant with our pussy cats, alternately scared and very interested.  They were all curled on our bed this morning.

So aside from dogs and cats, I have grandchildren!  My grandson, Joel was 6 on Thursday and today I spent a few hours with him, his 2 year old brother Jacob and their big sister Eva.  He seemed to enjoy his presents and cakes.

There are not enough hours in my days as after seeing Joel and spending a fortune in Pets at Home, I walked the dogs and took them both on my final 2 visits of the day missing the start of Strictly, shock horror!

Tomorrow is another exciting day which I will tell you about later.

Milo and Molly snuggling!

Milo and Molly snuggling!