Today was a mixed bag! I was able to fit in a visit to a lovely little cat between the arrival of Pippa at 7:30 and the expected arrival of Joggins at 8:30.   I got to Acle and had to turn round as had forgotten something!

Once Jogs arrived we nipped across the A47 to collect Hector and head to Martham to collect Paddy for a walk at Martham Broad. My little doglet posse was amazing as we walked about 200 yards on a little but busy road.

They love this walk as they get to swim, even Hector paddled and splashed about lots. It was like herding cats getting them all out again though.

We then had a small but tragic incident of the dog and the pheasant, unfortunately it didn’t survive and I was left holding it as 4 dogs tried to help me carry it! I did dispose of it but not without Joggins getting filthy trying to find it.  We stopped for another swim on our way home to get clean.

After dropping Hector and Paddy at their homes it was back home for us and lots of chilling in the garden. I managed to sit in my bowl of fruit and yoghurt, most uncomfortable even if very funny!

Pippa and Maisie had a lovely game together which I caught on video and posted to our Facebook page.

I was able to sit in the garden and answer email and make phone calls and sort my diary for the next week or so. Beats the office any time……

i will be making a little announcement at the weekend re our Coastal Villages family